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Who Pays for the divorce lawyer in a texas separation?
what you need to know

Are you or your spouse considering a divorce? Apart from finding a good divorce lawyer, Texas residents are probably wondering who pays for the divorce under state law. 

Factors That Affect Who Pays for a Divorce Lawyer in Texas

The judge will consider the following factors before determining if each spouse should pay their attorney fees or whether one spouse will cover all the fees:

  • The difference between the spouses’ incomes
  • Their conduct during the divorce proceedings

When One Spouse Pays the Bulk of the Divorce Attorney Fees

If one spouse makes significantly more than the other spouse, the judge may conclude that it is ‘right and just’ for the well-off spouse to pay the divorce fees. The judge may also apportion a large chunk of the divorce fees to a spouse who acts in bad faith during the divorce.

When Both Spouses Pay Divorce Fees

Generally, both parties in Texas divorces are required to pay their own legal fees and court costs. The judge will only require one spouse to pay the fees if there are extenuating circumstances like income disparity or poor behavior during divorce procedures. 

When are Attorney Fees Awarded?

At the end of the divorce process, the judge will decide whether each spouse will pay their own Texas divorce lawyer. Court costs or one spouse will cover most of the costs.

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