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Questions to Ask a Divorce Lawyer Before Hiring Them

Getting divorced is a significant event in your life, and you want the best divorce lawyer on your side as you go through this nerve-wracking process. Texas has hundreds of divorce attorneys and choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Here are some questions you should ask your potential lawyer before deciding.

Here Are the 4 Questions You Should Ask Any Divorce Lawyer in Texas:

How many of the divorce cases you handle are settled out of court?

It is best to compromise with your soon-to-be ex, and you want a lawyer with a track record of helping their clients settle divorce cases out of court. Going to court increases the drama, and the process can last much longer.

How much experience do you have negotiating financial settlements in divorce cases?

How assets and liabilities are divided during a divorce can seriously impact your life after the divorce. It is, therefore, best to hire a divorce attorney with plenty of experience negotiating financial agreements during divorce so that your interests are adequately protected.

Will other attorneys be handling my case?

Ideally, your lawyer will handle most, if not all, aspects of your divorce. If other lawyers will handle your case, interview them before hiring that firm to ensure the team is right for you.

What costs and fees can I expect to incur?

While every case can vary, most lawyers can provide an estimate. Ask the divorce attorney about any retainer they charge, the hourly rate or flat fee, and any other costs relevant to your case. 

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